Blast Energy, LLC Apr 17, 2015

Blast Energy LLC today announced the official launch of their new range of caffeinated chewing gum in the United States; Blast Powergum. Available in two great tastes, Spearmint and Peppermint, and manufactured in the United States, it is the ultimate solution to grabbing energy on the go, where one powergum is the equivalent to one energy drink. Ggluten free and with zero calories, it is now available in a six-piece pouch or a 20 count bottle.

“People are frustrated by not having enough energy to get by throughout the day. Our gum offers a portable and great- tasting solution, where the consumer gets the energy boost needed with a single powergum – eliminating the need to carry an energy drink in a backpack or cooler” said Gilles David, CEO of Blast Energy LLC. “The caffeine in the powergum is effective within four to five minutes, and as it has no sugar, you don’t get a sugar crash. It really is the ideal way to consume energy.”

It took two years of trial and error to get the formula just right for the Blast Powergum, and after having met and discussed with buyers across the country, the time is now right for a nationwide launch. The market for energy products has continued to rise since the original idea of Blast Powergum. The energy drink production in the US alone amounted to $6.8 billion in 2014, and is expected to rise to $8.9 billion by 2018. The energy market is estimated to grow 10% annually, with a wide range of consumers looking for new ways to boost their energy levels. With zero calories, no sugar, and by being truly portable, Blast Powergum stands in a good position to meet the demands of college students, double shift workers, parents, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, sportsmen, professional drivers, blue collar workers, doctors, nurses and late shift workers.

Gilles David continues “With our price point per powergum beating all of our competitors in the energy market, this was an opportunity I simply couldn’t resist. I just had to do it.” The six- pack of gum retails at $2.89, which translates in to $0.48 cents compared to over one dollar for an energy drink.

Blast Powergum is a certified kosher, sugar free, gluten free chewing gum manufactured in the USA. Each chewing gum contains 80mg of caffeine. Not recommended to exceed 3 gums per day, depending on BMI and caffeine tolerance. Packaging is available in Spanish, and a three gum pouch can be made upon request, in addition to the six gum pouch and 20 count bottle.

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