• Blast Gum is a wonderful product that fits in with my life perfectly. I enjoy how I can get my burst of energy without having to consume liquids. There are points in my day where I need a pick-me-up but would feel unprofessional if I sat sucking down a cup of coffee (and worse is the feeling of pounding a cup of coffee before a meeting and then wishing I had time to brush my teeth or use the washroom). There's also times where it wouldn't be possible to perk up if I didn't already have the means on my person. Blast allows me to chew a delicious caffeine-delivery mechanism for five minutes and be back to razor-sharp focus. I keep a pack in my car, in my pocket, and in my desk. It's given me mental acuity on demand!

    JOE PLONKA Caffeine Enthusiast & Consumer
  • I truly enjoy that I can get my caffeine lift without having to negate my hard work at the gym. I love coffee as much as the next girl, but to me it just doesn't taste as good without shots of flavoring and (whipped) cream. Blast Gum tastes great and gets me back in the game without bloating me down with heavy liquids. I carry it in my purse everywhere I go. Thanks for allowing me to have my cake and eat it too!

    MOLLIE O’MARA Caffeine Enthusiast & Consumer
  • Blast Gum is a product that I couldn't imagine not having in my life. As a business professional I find myself traveling frequently and occasionally at late hours across the country. When feeling tired from a long flight or drive nothing is more convenient than chewing a piece of gum and almost instantly being alert. This product is important to me because you can only drink so much coffee or energy drinks before feeling full. Also, I can put Blast in my pocket or briefcase at anytime and be ready for whenever I need instant energy. Thanks for making a product that caters to my busy lifestyle.

    GREG CHANDLER Caffeine Consumer
  • As somebody who drinks coffee everyday, I never thought I would find something that would wake me up and get me ready for the day more quickly. Blast gum is an easy alternative to coffee that I can keep in my desk drawer or purse wherever I go.

    JENNIFER KOCH Caffeine Consumer
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