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Posted by admin on April 24, 2015

Incline Village, Nevada – April 24, 2015 — Are you looking for a convenient way to get more energy without having to endure lukewarm energy drinks stuffed in your bag since this morning? Does your boss or teacher not allow any drinks in the office or classroom? Are you tired of getting a sugar crash after drinking an energy drink? Do you need to stay awake for a double shift at work? Driving long distances for work or pleasure? Blast Powergum is the solution for increasing your energy on the go! By chewing one Powergum for four to five minutes, you will have up to five hours of energy from caffeine, without any sugar or dangerous sweeteners.

By naturally increasing your metabolism and reducing your appetite, Blast Powergum is also a fantastic way to help you lose weight, especially when combined with a sensible diet and exercise. If you?re already in to fi tness and exercise, you will notice how your performance improves after chewing a Powergum for just a few minutes.

Blast Powergum is available in two refreshing tastes, Spearmint and Peppermint, and is available in a six-piece pouch or a 20 count bottle. It is the ultimate solution to grabbing energy on the go, where one powergum equals one energy drink. Gluten free and with zero calories.

Regardless of your activity levels or profession, Blast Powergum is the ideal way to consume energy – cheap, portable, tasty, and quick. One Blast Powergum is cheaper than an energy drink ($0.48 cents per gum compared to $1 to $2.50 per energy drink, depending on the brand), is easy to carry with you in your handbag, pocket or keep in your car. The two flavors taste great and the caffeine is absorbed in your body up to ten times faster than an energy drink, without the sugar rush and crash.

Blast Powergum is a certified kosher, sugar free, gluten free chewing gum manufactured in the USA. Each chewing gum contains 80mg of caffeine. Not recommended to exceed 3 gums per day, depending on your BMI and caffeine tolerance.

For retail outlets and more information go to our website www.blastpowergum.com Distributed by Publicly Related

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